2 Chainz: ‘Pop’s Old Stash of Cash’ Found in Basement of House

2 Chainz: ‘Pop’s Old Stash of Cash’ Found in Basement of House

2 Chainz: ‘Pop’s Old Stash of Cash’ Found in Basement of House

Georgia recording artist, 2 Chainz talked about the 10th anniversary of his father’s passing in March 2022. He just recently revealed in an Instagram Story this week that a bag full of cash left by his father was discovered in the basement of his home when a repair was done.

According to HipHopDX, the rapper took to his Instagram account and appeared on his Instagram Story to show his followers that after a crew came to repair a busted pipe in his basement, they found a bag that his father had stashed in the home.

The 45-year-old artist posted a video clip on Wednesday, Jan.25 that shows him rifling through rolled-up bills as he explains that the cash may have been a stash his father had tucked away in the basement.

As he is going through the newfound money he says, “Quick story. I had a busted pipe in the basement. They fixed my basement and they found. I guess this is my pop’s old stash of cash.”

In the background, someone is heard theorizing that his father stashed that money before the 6′ 5″ rapper was born.

DJ Akademiks captured the video and reposted it on his Instagram page.


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According to XXL, the former college basketball player’s father died in 2012. He told the magazine about how his father was a street hustler who “sold bricks” and weed. He credits his father with having an entrepreneurial spirit coming up.

“My daddy sold bricks and he sold weed. My mama’s mama, she was a bootleg lady. My mama was into real estate when I was young. My daddy never had a job. I never remember him getting up early. I never remember him complaining about being in traffic from coming home late from work. I don’t remember none of that. I remember Cadillacs and I remember my uncle having plenty of jewelry.”

He also mentioned that he watched his uncle, who owned his own business, give jobs to other family members. The hustle mentality of his father and uncle shaped his business acumen.

“I had an uncle who owned a liquor store,” he stated. “He employed all of my uncles. A lot of that stuff was just stuff that I was subconsciously peeping out. Like, how to do it by yourself. I’m a hustler as well.”
2 Chainz: ‘Pop’s Old Stash of Cash’ Found in Basement of House

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