5 Questions With….. Marcus Dawson

5 Questions With….. Marcus Dawson

Originally published on The Industry Cosign March 2, 2015

Many artists nowadays have to, in essence, be multi-taskers in order to be successful. Gone are the days of just going in the studio, laying the music and vocals down and then letting someone else take it from there while you wait to go on stage to perform. No, it’s not that simple anymore, not with social media and the latest technology taking place.

Marcus Dawson is not only an artist, he is a minister (Of his own church), visionary, business owner and collaborator. All while embarking on his “I Am Oxygen to the World” Tour. The award winning artist has just released his third album, ‘Oxygen.’

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But, this didn’t stop him from taking a moment to speak to The Industry Cosign to answer a few questions…..

You just released ‘Oxygen’ and you’re about to embark on a tour to support the album. How was your approach to recording this album and what are your expectations for the tour?

Yes!  I am very excited about the “I Am Oxygen to the World” Tour.  My intention for this album is to capture a feeling or an expression. I paced myself because I wanted this album to be one that was priceless and stood the test of time. My expectations for both the tour and the album are that they connect with the masses and become a beacon of hope for the lost, broken, and hopeless.  I invite Jesus to be revealed through them both.

How would you describe your latest album and how long did it take to record it?

I would describe my music as refuge. I love to meet my listeners where they.  It is where I share all of myself and connect to them through common experiences. It took me 7 years to record this album and it was worth the journey.

How are you able to minister your church, record an album and live a regular, normal life with all that you do?

I have to be disciplined, focused, balanced; have an amazing team and a great wife! Lol! Having all your team players in place, and all your ducks in a row can create an amazing balance to do all it is your purposed to do. The word of God tells us in the book of Proverbs that balance is the key of life. Big shout out to my publicist, Raychelle LeBlanc for staying on top of me.

With the trials and tribulations of everyday life and the images of ignorance from reality TV and popular music, how are you able to get your message through to the masses?

Great question.  I share my whole self through my music and ministry in hopes that both my failures and successes will be a catalyst for growth, inspiration and healing.  I want to effect change in the hearts of anyone that is within the sound of my music or ministry.

With your music and your message, what do you hope to accomplish in the near and far future?

I hope for people to realize that there are options. At any time we can change and shift who or what we think we are to fit our destiny. Jesus came to give life and for us to have it more abundantly. That grace is available and our dreams can become reality if we believe on him. I live to connect those far from God to God, so that they can live the life that Jesus promised.

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