5 Questions With... Vanessa Werts

5 Questions With... Vanessa WertsSometimes art imitates life and when it does, more than likely, there is a reason for that art to be displayed. At times, when this is done, it doesn’t necessarily tell the ‘exact’ story or circumstance, but, art also gives you a creative license when you decide to create it. Enter Vanessa Werts or shall I say, Bobbi Farqua. Well, maybe it’s a combination of the two, either way, the art, “Lies: Even Love Has Its Casualties“is written by Vanessa Werts and it features Bobbi Farqua.

The author has taken time out of her busy schedule to talk to The Industry Cosign about her latest offering, “Lies.” She discusses how she prepared for her second book, the relation between her and the book’s main character, Bobbi Farqua and why men will be entertained after reading her latest book.

What led you down the path to becoming a writer and how do you decide what you plan on writing about?

My love of reading inspired me to write my own novel. I took a writing course in 2006 to learn the technical aspects of developing a story and three years later, published my first book. Fortunately for me, I like writing about relationships and social issues, so ideas are always flowing.

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What thoughts went through your head when your first book was published and how did it prepare you for your second offering, “Lies: Even Love Has Its Casualties?

Lies: Even Love Has Its Casualties

I actually started an independent publishing company (Higher Realm Publishing) to self-publish my first book. When the first box of books arrived at my home and I got to flip through the pages of a copy, all I could think was…wow! It was a humbling experience. Because of the lessons I learned with the first book, I knew exactly what to do to get from the idea phase to the release of the book with my second novel.

What are your expectations for this book and what do you feel you have to do in order to exceed your own expectations?

The story has a theme of love and forgiveness, so my expectations for the book are more about the impact it will have on the lives of readers. I really hope that someone will experience a life changing moment for the better because they read “Lies.” In order to exceed my own expectations, I need to use my authorship as a platform to further promote the themes in the book at seminars, conferences and other opportunities for dialogue with readers.

‘Lies’ seems like it’s geared towards women, but, you’re hoping it resonates with both sexes. How do you feel men would react to it and what about the book would make it appealing to men?

The main character is an ambitious and savvy business woman, but her love-life is a mess. She prefers to date without a commitment, and believes it’s the best way to avoid falling in love. I think men will resonate with the story line because of the real-life portrayal of present day dating for singles. I’ve had positive feedback from men that have read the book so far – their comments were that it was a page turner. Men who read contemporary fiction and like a good tale about relationships will be entertained.

In ‘Lies’, how close in relation, is the character, Bobbi Farqua, to Vanessa Werts and how much of your personal experience went into writing the book?

Bobbi is very close in relation to a version of me years ago. By that, I mean that Bobbi shares some traits of how I used to think about things, especially with regard to men and dating. So a lot of my personal experience influenced the story and really is the reason for me writing the book. Keeping in mind that “Lies” is a fictional story (I never stole an NFL player from his fiancée…lol), Bobbi and I are one.

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