5 Questions With... Tyler Dumont

Obstacles and distractions can break people. The intricacies of life can complicate matters and throw us for a loop that some never recover from or if they do, their outlook and mindset can be dramatically altered from what they are used to or anticipate. For this talented artist, it took a tragedy for her to experience and practically lose herself just so she can get to this point. If you are a fan or viewed the talent series, ‘Making The Band’, you may already be familiar with Tyler Dumont.  The entrepreneur has launched her label, Tyler Dumont Productions, and is set to debut her album,  after serving as Executive Producer of her docu-bio film, A Train of Thought.

She was able to give us some time to discuss her break from pursuing her career, her influences when it comes to her music and how she has had to change, along with the times, to get to this point of her career.

Welcome back! What is the name of your project and what should we anticipate, as far as the direction of the album and what decisions were made into the making of it? 

Thanks! So I decided to name the album, ‘Nomadic Behavior’ for a couple of reasons. One is, I’ve always considered myself a nomad. I’ve traveled a lot and have been lucky enough to live in various cities. I come from a very multicultural background, so different genres of music were introduced to me at a very young age. I wanted to embody all different sounds and shades of color into this album. For the most part, the direction is very ambient R&B, but it also infuses a mixture of hip hop, trap, reggae and some latin influences, which I believe is a culmination of who I am and the music I love. Experimenting was a big thing for me because I love meshing and merging things together.  I was also experiencing many different emotions when I was creating this project, so much so, that I thought to myself, every word, every expression and every story has to be to true. Whether it’s a personal experience or not. I wanted everyone to connect with me as a person, connect with my journey, my obstacles and the challenges that I’ve heavily endured throughout my life. It’s important for the listeners to connect with me on a deeper level, welcoming them into my world, while understanding all things that encompasses love, losses, depression, confusion, and heartaches. The behavior is a bit nomadic, wouldn’t you agree? lol

You had to take a break due to an unfortunate situation, how has that shaped your mindset towards getting back in the game and moving in the way you want as an artist? 

Great Question. I truly believe those unfortunate situations are the ones that end up turning into our greatest lessons. I went through a lot after my mother’s demise. It ultimately broke me. I was completely lost and ended up secluding myself from the world.  It’s not easy to lose the closest and most sacred person to you. Especially your mother. I was scared. And I really don’t expect anyone to understand or sympathize with me, but that time of my life was extremely difficult for me. It led to my depression. I had to go through a lot of healing and self-reflection in order for me to get out of that mental frame. I’m a very spiritual person, so prayer, positive thinking and visualizations helped tremendously. It eventually led me to really understand the act of gratitude. Or being in the attitude of gratitude as I call it. Understanding that we only get ONE chance to create and live our lives through joy, love and purpose will eventually shape our mindsets to aim selfishly for that the inner peace, love and purpose we all seek for.

I’m in a good place.

If you could do anything in your career and/or life over, what would it be and why?

I don’t think I would necessarily change or do anything over. I think everything that has happened in my life has shaped and molded me into the woman I am today. So I’m thankful even for my mistakes and failures. They’ve taught me very valuable lessons and what NOT to repeat again.

How has music and the industry changed since you first entered it and how have you had to make adjustments, if any were made?

It’s definitely changed a lot. It’s not what it use to be. In a way, you’re kind of forced to follow the new wave or format of everything. In my case, it led me to BECOME the industry. Independently, of course. I had to learn the in and out’s of everything. I had to get burned a couple of times to learn the proper way of handling business in this industry, because at the end of the day, it’s still a business. And it’s your business. I didn’t want anyone stifling my creativity or have a say in what I did. I just wanted to create my art and showcase it to the world without having to slave myself.

Reveal something to us about you that we wouldn’t believe if you didn’t disclose it…

Haha. Believe it or not, I’m extremely shy.


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