50 Cent Signs Partnership Deal With Lusid Media

50 Cent Files Embezzlement Lawsuit Against Liquor Partner Beam Suntory

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is on the warpath against the company he is in partnership with regarding an embezzlement scheme involving his liquor brand, Sire Spirits.

According to Fox 5 NY, 50 and his company, Sire Spirits has filed a 70-page lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court stating that Beam Suntory, among others, including Julious Grant and Michael Caruso allegedly embezzled millions of dollars from Sire Spirits when they overcharged and then split the difference. The lawsuit states that the amount is estimated at more than $6 million.

In a recent Instagram posting, 50 warns the defendants that he needs his money very soon.

“I’m not the guy you want to get started. In nicest way I’m gonna need my money by Monday. 🤨”


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An attorney for Sire Spirits, Craig Weiner spoke to the media outlet and expressed why they are suing the company.

“Because these illicit commissions were baked into the price of the product, Sire Spirits overpaid on taxes, overpaid on customs and duties, overpaid on insurance, which are marked towards the value of the product,” Weiner said.

“Beam Suntory’s role here is extraordinarily troubling. Beam Suntory’s Chief Commercial Officer, a gentleman by the name of Julious Grant, acting as an employee, as an officer of the company, acting under the actual and parent authority of Beam Suntory facilitated the entire fraud as we plead in our complaint.”

A representative relayed a statement to Fox 5 NY denying the charges levied against the company.

“Beam Suntory vehemently denies all allegations of wrongdoing. It had no involvement in or knowledge of the fraudulent activity alleged in the complaint, and any allegation to the contrary has no basis in fact. It is undisputed that we honored all prior obligations to Mr. Jackson and Sire Spirits, and it is very unfortunate that the parties involved continue to misrepresent the facts and misdirect blame in an attempt to recover fees and damages.”

In August 2022, according to The New York Post, 50’s former director of Brand Management for Sire Spirits, Mitchell Green, reportedly siphoned $2.2 million from the company. He sold the products for a higher price while receiving kickbacks from wholesalers. Court records show that he made money by labeling the funds he was given as “agency fees.” Green allegedly admitted to his Get Rich or Die Trying scheme in February 2020. He confessed, “after two years of embezzling from Sire Spirits” due to being extorted by an individual who was aware of his thievery and threatened to expose his past transgressions. Sire Spirits terminated him and took him to arbitration.

The arbitrator found that Green was responsible for the stolen funds and another $948,096 the former employee paid to a wholesaler. Green was ordered to pay an additional $2.7 million in fees for costs, damages, and attorney fees. Court records revealed that he owes a total of $6.2 million.

Fox 5 NY reported that sources have stated that Green is cooperating with federal authorities and is expected to be sentenced by a federal judge this spring.

50 Cent Files Embezzlement Lawsuit Against Liquor Partner Beam Suntory

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