The 5Ws: Theda Sandiford

The 5Ws: Theda Sandiford

Who: Theda SandifordWhat: VP Commerce. Republic Records and Mixed Media ArtistWhy: Though art is engrained in her psyche, Theda’s first creative endeavors were in the music business as a sales & digital marketing executive. After years of ground breaking digital work for musicians, she began experimenting combining digital and analog collage processes, to develop her own artistic self-expression.Using internal conflict as a starting point, Theda uses found materials and photography to make cut and paste collages that are then digitally manipulated to extend the narrative. Fragmented identity juxtaposed with the existence with infinite possibilities is a recurring theme in her work.

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Theda has participated at various group shows in the New York/New Jersey area including the annual Jersey City Studio Art Tour, Arts Unbound in Orange NJ, LITM in Jersey City NJ and the Limner Gallery Hudson NY. Several of her collages have been licensed for print and her work is included in private collections. Follow her process on Instagram @MissTheda and on her website

Where: Jersey City, NJ



Instagram: MissTheda

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