6LACK Speaks on Signing Record Deal For $5000 Which Had to Be Split Between 4 People

6LACK Speaks on Signing Record Deal For $5000 Which Had to Be Split Between 4 People

It seems that throughout the years and probably for years to come, recording artists are always talking about signing a bad deal or not making money due to a bad contract. An Atlanta artist revealed his bad contract story recently.

6LACK, who pronounces his name Black, is an Atlanta artist who has a certified platinum project in his catalog. His debut album, which was released in 2016, Free 6lack, was the beginning of his successful singing career as his second album, East Atlanta Love Letter, was certified gold. With a third album, Since I Have a Lover heading our way on March 24, the recording artist discussed how much he made on his first contract when he initially started his career.

He recently appeared on former The Breakfast Club co-host, Angela Yee‘s new midday radio show, Way Up with Angela Yee. He recalled the early stage of his burgeoning career, which he stated was between 2011-2016.

Describing that time that he described as his “starving artist phase” he reminisces about what he was going through at that time. He stated that he dropped out of school and started working on his craft “and in that process, it’s not having money and not having a job.

“And not because I couldn’t technically get a job if I wanted one, but it was more so I know that is my job and I know that it could pay for whatever I needed it to pay for. I just have to put in the work necessary.”

6LACK then tells Yee that he signed a recording contract that was split between 4 people.

“And through that, I signed like bad record deals, Everybody does it. It was me and three of my friends. We in the room,  the contract gets pushed across the table, no lawyer present. They’re like, ‘If you wanna be down, go ahead and sign that.’ And we’re looking at each other like, ‘Let’s do it.’ We split like $5,000 between like four of us.”

He mentioned that the deal was supposed to be $10,00 and it mysteriously “disappeared.”

You can view the interview below:

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