Adidas Releases Originals Jamaica Collection On Bob Marley's Birth Date

Adidas Releases Originals Jamaica Collection On Bob Marley’s Birth Date

With the upcoming theatrical release of the “Bob Marley: One Love” biopic and the just celebrated birth date of the legendary reggae musician, Bob Marley, adidas has recently released the Originals Jamaica Collection, according to Soccer Bible.

The company released the collection on the birthday of Marley, Feb. 6. The set includes items such as tracksuits, tee shirts and a windbreaker among the clothes that can be purchased. The colors are the same as shown on the island’s flag, green, yellow and black and reflects the style of the Reggae Boyz and Reggae Girlz football teams of the Jamaica Football Federation. The stylings of the collection has a retro look feel to them.

Emblazoned on the t-shirts and jacket is a patch representing the Jamaica Football Federation and with Jamaica in block letters on the back of the jacket.

The collection can be purchased online at the retailers’ website,, selected adidas locations, and other retailers and stores that sell the merchandise.

Right after the brand announced the Originals Jamaica Collection, adidas launched the latest sneaker by current Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes, the Mahomes 2 Impact FLX. This is the first shoe bearing the Super Bowl quarterback’s name since August 2021 when it launched the Mahomes 1 Impact FLX.

“Myself, my team and adidas spent over a year perfecting every detail in Mahomes 2, down to the timepiece symbols featured on the first shoe and the zippers on the hoodies,” said Mahomes in a written statement. “Our hard work and passion comes to life today, and I can’t wait to see fans rocking the collection.”

Now with Marley’s birthday recently being celebrated and his biopic coming out on Feb. 14, then Mahomes’ team, the Kansas City Chiefs winning their third Super Bowl in five years, with the quarterback once again leading the way, adidas should be on the right track with the selling of these recent releases.

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