Al B. Sure! Being Honored at Benn Crump's Equal Justice Now Awards

Al B. Sure!, R&B Legend and Transplant Equity Champion, to be Honored at Attorney General for Black America Benjamin Crump’s Equal Justice Now Awards


Al B! to Receive the Excellence in Health Care Advocacy Award along with Other Honorees including Cher, George Clinton, Stephanie Rawlings Blake and More


Los Angeles, CA (March 25, 2024) – Al B. Sure!, Executive Chairman of the Health Equity in Transplantation Coalition (HEiTC), will be recognized at Attorney Benjamin Crump’s Equal Justice Now Awards on Friday, March 29th in Los Angeles, California. Since receiving an organ transplant nearly two years ago, Al B! has become a champion for change and social justice and used his platform to raise issues around transplantation equity, rights for recording artists, and other key issues in the equity space.


Al B! and HEiTC co-founder Rachel Noerdlinger, launched an effort to fight for unpaid music artist royalties and healthcare initiatives that has been amplified through a new partnership with Attorney Crump and Jarret Prussin, Chief Strategy Officer, Ben Crump Law.  Prussin is also a successful bone marrow transplant recipient, making their commitment to transplantation equity even stronger. Together, they are demanding equity, inclusion, and equal access to what’s fair for all in the United States.

“Black and Brown Americans who receive organ transplants are at extraordinary risk compared to other transplant recipients,” said Al B. Sure!, Executive Chairman of HEiTC. “I know because I have lived this experience, which is why I have dedicated my life to fighting for my transplant family. This work wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of my big brothers, Rev. Al Sharpton and Attorney Ben Crump. I am humbled and bless to receive this recognition from the Attorney General for Black America and share it with everyone who has received the gift of life.”


Al B!’s health equity journey began in summer 2022 when he collapsed at a Houston recording studio. His prospects initially seemed grim as he battled multiple organ failure. Yet a core group of loved ones including civil rights leader and HEiTC senior advisor Rev. Al Sharpton, HEiTC co-founder Rachel Noerdlinger, and DJ Eddie F urged doctors to keep the faith. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Constance Mobley of Houston Methodist Hospital, the “Night and Day” singer survived his battle with the help of a transplanted liver. He has since used his platform to fight the historic disparities in transplantation.



In October, he became an Ambassador for the American Liver Foundation’s Houston Liver Life Walk in association with Houston Methodist Hospital, championing their #WalkwithAlBSure initiative. He has since partnered with Rev. Sharpton to launch HEiTC, dedicated to restoring Medicare coverage for blood tests with the power to detect signs of organ rejection significantly before physical symptoms manifest.


HEiTC has since become a leading voice in transplantation equity. In December, the Coalition took part in an active day at the United States Capitol, during which they raised the issue to key lawmakers including Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressional Black Caucus Vice Chair Yvette Clarke. CBC Chair Steven Horsford has since taken up this issue thanks to the advocacy of Al B! Sure! and HEiTC. The R&B legend has also raised the issue with Vice President Kamala Harris, who in 2022 sent Al B! a letter of support during his recovery.


Today, Al B! continues the fight to restore Medicare cuts to these lifesaving blood tests and ensure there is greater access across the board.




Friday, March 29, 2024

7:00PM – 11:00PM PT



Los Angeles Airport Marriott

5855 W Century Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90045


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