Al Crawford Releases Book, 'The Rabbit vs. Fox - How To Tie A Tie'

Al Crawford Releases Book, ‘The Rabbit vs. Fox – How To Tie A Tie’


Al Crawford, author and inventor
Al Crawford, author and inventor

Nationwide ( — Wow, how many folks out there watch YouTube videos to learn how to tie a necktie? Remember having an important event or social to attend and couldn’t find anyone help you tie your necktie? Mothers, how many times have you sent your little man over to the next-door neighbor to get his necktie tied?

For generations, the age-old story of the Rabbit vs. Fox was used for teaching young children the skill of tying a necktie. Unfortunately, this story has become all but lost to the minds of present-day-well-dressed man and women.

Well guess what, now with Al Crawford’s new book The Rabbit vs. Fox – How To Tie A Tie, this clever memory jogger has been revived for the benefit of all future members of the necktie wearing society. After reading about the rabbit’s flight from the fox around the tree and into the hole, you will never again be at a loss on how to tie a necktie.

Learn how to tie a finished necktie knot in minutes with this new book written by Al Crawford, of Raleigh, NC. Crawford has always been motivated to create products that are beneficial to others for their personal growth and development. Hence, he has written a children’s book to accompany his patented necktie tying tool, that teaches anyone how to tie a necktie.

This book, which includes a necktie tying tool cutout, teaches anyone, but especially young children, how to tie a necktie. Offering simplicity and help, Crawford’s products help to teach confidence, self-esteem and independence to those who need or want to wear neckties.

Crawford was inspired to write this children’s book because of his own observations as a youth mentor and noticing how children learn easier through storytelling. “Tying a necktie is an essential and practical grown-up life skill that most young men need to learn,” said Crawford. For a variety of reasons, be it age, inexperience, or simply never needing to before, some people never learned to tie a necktie. As a result, they must use clip-on ties or ask a friend or neighbor for help. This can be embarrassing, especially for an adult. A person might instead try to teach themselves how to tie the tie, but they may end up doing a poor job and the result will leave them with a sloppy, unprofessional appearance.

Al Crawford is a serial entrepreneur and product developer, now author. Al has years of product development and marketing experience and has successfully placed products in stores, such as Whole Foods Market and He holds several patents and is the founder of Raleigh/Durham Inventors group where inventors and entrepreneurs of various backgrounds and experience levels lend support and advice to one another, all to make each other’s journeys a little bit easier.

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