Wendy Williams Reportedly 'Ready to Get Back to Work’ After Being Hospitalized for COVID-19

All Traces of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Including Social Media Accounts and Websites Have Been Deleted

If you wanted to go back and view an old Wendy Williams talk show or even check out a recent show, then you are straight out of luck at this moment!

According to The New York Post, every instance of the show which was on the air for 13 years has vanished! The “Hot Topic” for today is The Wendy Williams Show can not be found anywhere on the internet! As many platforms that the show was on, YouTube, Instagram, and even the website for the show have been purportedly deleted once the show went off the air.

Fans from around the globe took notice that there is no longer a place to hear the infamous phrase, “How you doin?” anymore. An error message “Sorry, this page isn’t available” appears when you search for the show on Instagram.

No sign as if there had never been a show aired over the past 13 years. The final episode of the talk show aired last month on June 17.

Social media definitely noticed and had some things to say about the missing Wendy Williams talk show episodes.

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