Audible Announces Think Twice: Michael Jackson Podcast

Audible and Wondery Announce Think Twice: Michael Jackson Podcast

A podcast is debuting next week that will chronicle the career of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Audible has announced that they are collaborating with Wondery, a premium podcast studio, to launch an original podcast titled, Think Twice: Michael Jackson. The upcoming podcast, which is being produced by Prologue Projects and Jigsaw Productions, will feature hip-hop radio veteran Jay Smooth and acclaimed journalist and podcaster Leon Neyfakh as the hosts.

The podcast series will present 10 episodes exclusively on Audible and can also be heard ad-free on the Amazon Music app for Prime members. The series plans on showcasing a journalistic, 360-degree look at Jackson’s complicated legacy. Think Twice: Michael Jackson will debut next week on Thursday, April 27.

“To me, Michael Jackson is the most interesting person who has ever lived. But what Jay and I realized as we dove into this project was that his story is not just about him, but everyone he influenced with his art and everyone connected to his tortured personal life. It’s also about the moral calculations we make as consumers of culture, as we decide for ourselves what to believe and what to look away from. Collaborating with Audible and Wondery on this journalistic exploration of Michael’s life and legacy has given me a better, deeper understanding of why this singular artist still matters, and more broadly, how American pop culture works, ” says Neyfakh in a written statement.

Although it has been more than a decade since the death of the King of Pop, his music still has an influence globally. Think Twice: Michael Jackson explores that influence as they dwell into his life and the impact he and his music has had. They also investigate how he still has staying power in spite of disturbing allegations levied against him. In this 10-part series, Neyfakh and Jay Smooth bring you a new perspective on the Jackson story, based on many original interviews with people who watched it unfold from up close.

Jay Smooth said, “When Leon reached out to me about collaborating on a Michael Jackson documentary series, I won’t lie, I was equal parts intrigued and alarmed. But as we both agreed to be upfront about our own complex feelings on Michael’s legacy and let that guide our process of gathering all these different voices and perspectives, I quickly came to see just how rich and rewarding this show would become. Both as a fresh look back at the Michael Jackson story and even more so as a way to understand—through Michael’s life and afterlife—how our world and culture evolved around him.”

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