August Alsina Posts Instagram Message Telling Fans 'Last Couple Projects Are Likely' to be 'Last you See/Hear'

August Alsina Posts Instagram Message Telling Fans ‘Last Couple Projects Are Likely’ to be ‘Last you See/Hear’

We haven’t really heard from or about recording artist August Alsina since he spoke about an affair he had with actress and Will Smiths spouse, Jada Pinkett Smith back in the summer of 2020. Outside of Smith introducing us to the term “entanglement”, Alsina, much like his music career, hasn’t been seen or heard as much as that initial interview. He has suddenly popped back on the scene after posting a message to his Instagram account essentially telling his almost 7 million followers that his next upcoming projects will “likely to be” his last on his “last victory lap around the sun.”

“To all the loved 1’s who support me; 📝

These last couple projects are likely to be the last you see/hear of August Alsina. W/ that said, it is my hope that we can enjoy each other while I’m here, on my last victory lap around the sun. ☀️💫 I’ll strive to make it as nostalgic as possible for you w/ beautiful tunes & high vibes 🎶 . With great love, always.🕊 -AA”


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Fans are speculating that the artist may be referring to a liver disease he had reveal in a since-deleted Instagram post in an interview with Pinkett Smith earlier last year.

Essence reported what Alsina said in that interview.

“I have a liver disease where my autoimmune system is fighting against itself,” he says. “Reality is I’m sick all the time. I’d really like to talk about it and I’m not looking for anybody’s sympathy. Don’t treat me like I’m a f–king cancer patient, because I’m not.”

He also explained that the illness runs in his family.

“I’m sicker than ever and having a hard time accepting what I feel and what the Doctors are saying is most true. After sitting down and talking with my fathers mother and sister.. They explained to me that sickness and illness runs in my family. My father and grandfather both died of severe illness. But they were FIGHTERS and that’s all that matters. Just ride with me is all I ask.”

Until he clarifies what he meant in his Instagram post, people will continue to speculate what he wrote in that post.

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