Jay-Z and Roc Nation Form The Parent Company With Cannabis Companies, Caliva and Left Coast

Bacardi Accuses Jay-Z of Doubling Valuation of D’Ussé

Bacardi strikes back!

The partnership between Hip-Hop billionaire Jay-Z‘s SC Liquors and Bacardi looks to come to an end with controversy. Jay-Z is partners with Bacardi with the cognac brand, D’Usse. According to TMZ, after the Empire State of Mind lyricist questioned how much money the cognac brand has been making, the liquor company, more known for its rum, responded.

In court papers, Bacardi’s subsidiary, Empire Investments stated that Jay-Z and the company had a “handshake deal” just last December. Empire Investments agreed to purchase his 50 percent stake in the cognac brand. Now, the company claims that Jay-Z “abruptly reneged on its agreement and doubled its demanded valuation.”

No numbers have been revealed from either side in that matter.

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