Baltimore Preacher References GloRilla Lyrics During Sermon

Baltimore Preacher References GloRilla Lyrics During Sermon

A Baltimore preacher used the words of rapper GloRilla to get a point across in his message to his parishioners when he referenced the lyrics, ‘Every day, the sun don’t shine, but that’s why I love tomorrow,” from her song, “Tomorrow 2 (Which was released in 2022 as a remix with Cardi B and the third single on her EP, “Anyways, Life’s Great”).” She reposted that section of his sermon to her Instagram account and wrote, “Turn to yo neighbor & say Yeah Glo 🗣️🔥”

Payne Memorial AME Church’s Reverend Melech E. M. Thomas praised the lyrics and premise of Gloria Hallelujah Woods aka GloRilla’s words when he preached to his congregation about not giving up hope because there’s a chance for things to be better tomorrow. He posted the sermon to his Instagram account and praised the rapper, who he referred to as a “new gospel artist.”

After mentioning GloRilla by her given name during the sermon, he encouraged the audience to take heed of what she stated in the song.

“GloRilla has a song called ‘Tomorrow’ and she makes this statement that blesses me. She says, ‘Every day the sun don’t shine but that’s why I love tomorrow,’ and I’m talking to some people that life ain’t been the kindest to you but you understand that what Big Mama said … ‘Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. [You understand] that every day is not good but as long as I can make it to tomorrow, something can turn around.”

Reverend Thomas also pointed out the similarities between Black preachers and rappers and mentioned how he’s been influenced by both. He states that the “content, delivery, stage presence, and, sometimes, even the message” are in the same vein. He praised the Memphis rapper for putting out “affirming and inspirational lyrical content.” He admits that her words make it into his sermons.

GloRilla reported his video to her Instagram account.


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Baltimore Preacher References GloRilla Lyrics During Sermon

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