Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson Rejected $133 Million Fully Guaranteed Contract

Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson Rejected $133 Million Fully Guaranteed Contract

Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson reportedly turned down a guaranteed contract of $133 million.

Last September, ESPN reported that sources told them that the quarterback turned down a contract offered to him by the Baltimore Ravens that called for him to make over $250 million over the life of the deal. That deal would have $133 million of it guaranteed. It was speculative because neither Jackson nor the Ravens confirmed or denied the aspects of the deal.

Now that the Ravens have been eliminated from Super Bowl competition, the discussion has come up again as Jackson’s rookie contract is coming to an end.

The subject came up once again after a recent episode on ESPN‘s First Take program. Sports analyst Ryan Clark spoke about it and essentially confirmed the speculative amount of the contract the 26-year-old NFL player turned down before the beginning of the just-completed football season.

“We went back and forth on @FirstTake yesterday about @Lj_era8’s guaranteed money. Based on a source with knowledge of the negotiations Lamar was initially offered $113 million in guarantees and eventually raised to $133 million. That was the most Lamar was offered.”

Although Jackson finished this season a little banged up and did not play the last few games, his value is still high, and now that he is a free agent, he may be THE player teams covet this off-season.

According to The New York Post, Baltimore Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh stated last week that he is “100 percent” certain that Jackson will be the team’s quarterback after this year. He actually emphasized it was “You know, 200%.”

“Lamar Jackson is our quarterback,” Harbaugh said. “He’s been our quarterback. Everything we’ve done in terms of building our offense and building our team, how we think in terms of the people and put people around him, is based on this incredible young man and his talent and his ability and his competitiveness.”

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