Bernard Flowers- This Feeling

Bernard Flowers- This Feeling

Bernard Flowers- This Feeling

BERNARD FLOWERS saw music as his great escape. Despite being in close quarters with murder and mayhem in the streets of Memphis, for him there was never any temptation.


As a teen, music naturally became an outlet. Bernard started experimenting with rapping and singing at 13, when his sister’s boyfriend brought him to a local studio. “He knew I had talent, but I never really cared about it. My whole life people was like, ‘You can rap, you can sing, you need to come to the studio.”

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After recording his first song, a lightbulb went off that this was his chosen path. Tucking in his goals of being a teacher, he instead dove into recording. At 20, he moved to Atlanta with a friend, stepping out on good faith.


“I was gonna turn into dust trying to make it in music. I just knew if the right person heard my music I could get a chance. That’s why I moved away.”


Great music evokes a feeling that’s sometimes inexplicable. There’s an emotion you get hearing the airy, romantic jam “This Feeling,” a song about pining after a special woman. Bernard wrote the hook off the cuff, not even 10 seconds after hearing the beat.


“I write songs about my ideal woman, what I want in a woman. It’s kinda like a dream that comes to life when I go in the booth. I’m catering to the female crowd and cool guys. Every guy that loves women wants a girl that they can win over.”

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