Chip Fu

Beyond 50: Catching Up With Chip Fu

The importance of educating the youth is not lost on Brooklyn, NY’s own Chip Fu. A founding member of the hip-hop group, Fu-Schnickens, his dedication to hip-hop helped shape his focus to making sure the youth have direction and focus for the future. The child of an educator, Chip is a natural for the program he started and is currently running M.A.A.T.H. (Music Appreciation, Art, Time, and Healing) 

Being a Facebook friend for years and running into each other over the years at hip-hop events, once I saw the program he was doing, I had to feature him on Black Enterprise. The importance of showcasing the positive aspects of hip-hop was definitely a mission to get him to tell the world what he was doing. When I decided to pick up the podcast again, a conversation was again needed from this Brooklyn artist who hadn’t yet put down the microphone and pen and pad.

I got the chance to speak to the Trinidadian, East Flatbush representative about the journey he is currently on and his plans beyond the 50th anniversary of this thing we live in called hip-hop. We discussed the re-emergence of artists who were able to perform due to the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and even got to talk about one of his friends, Shaquille O’Neal, and his return to the studio.

Beyond 50: Catching Up With Chip Fu

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