Big Boi Almost Flips The Bird During Performance

Big Boi Almost Flips The Bird During Performance

Big Boi is for the birds but, apparently, one wasn’t for him at a recent performance!

Outkast’s Antwan Patton, known to us as Big Boi has a penchant for owls as he owns a few as pets. While on performing after a college football game, one of his owls wasn’t feeling the attention from the crowd or being on stage with his owner and it was caught on video.

According to TMZ, Big Boi was at Kennesaw State University, in Georgia with one of his pet owls. The school’s mascot is an owl, so, apparently, on the surface, it makes sense to have an owl on stage at a school that honors an owl as its representative. As the rapper takes the stage with the owl attached to him on the stage, immediately the bird starts flapping its wings and appears to have stage fright. As the bird is flapping on the ground, singer Sleepy Brown takes to the microphone and brings the crowd’s attention away from the owl looking like he had an escape plan go wrong.

After Brown takes center stage, Big Boi is seen trying to tend to the bird as he gets help from someone else to take the owl away from the Atlanta rapper. Without missing a step, Big Boi is still on the mic saying the lyrics to the song and he releases the glove that was attached to the chain that held the bird to the guy who stepped on stage to help him with the owl.

When the bird is no longer in Big Boi’s possession, he goes back to center stage to join Sleepy as if that scene was a part of the performance.

TMZ mentioned that during a 2019 Rolling Stone interview, Big Boi showed off the four pet owls he owns, Tula, Simon, Whodini, and Hootie.

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