Black Jewelz 'Never FM'

Black Jewelz ‘Never FM’

Black Jewelz grew up in New Haven, Connecticut and has overcome many obstacles. He began performing at open mic nights, the Apollo and other places.  In 2014 Black Jewelz gained recognition by winning the Hip Hop/Rap Album of the Year at the International Music and Entertainment Association Awards. Black Jewelz has toured the country and amazed audiences with his energetic style and lyricism.

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August 12, 2016 is the date Jewelz’ EP “Unrivaled” is scheduled for release. “Unrivaled” is filled with rhythmic raps laced with thought provoking lyrics. The voice of Black Jewelz gives audiences the opportunity to learn what Hip Hop means to him. Unrivaled is an addition to the stack of Hip Hop recordings fortified with real lyrics.  The EP comes out of the box with its first video release “Never FM” in which Black Jewelz displays his view about the absence of real rap lyricism on FM radio. “Unrivaled” will explode on the Hip Hop music scene with high energy coupled with raw masterfully powerful lyricism that expresses the innovative artistry of Black Jewelz.  Please checkout the Next Level artistry of Black Jewelz at:




SoundCloud: Black-Jewelz

Youtube: The Black Jewelz


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