Black Nerds Club presents The Nerdies

Black Nerds Club presents The Nerdies

In honor of Black History Month, the Black Nerds Club introduces, The Nerdies. The online award show consists of 28 awards, one for each day of February, that will post on Black Nerds Club’s Instagram page, @blacknerdsclub. The Nerdies celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of black nerds and raise awareness of their contributions to culture and community through their passionate commitment to their nerdy pursuits.

This ovation is a tribute to this unique grouping and of their enrollment in black excellence in the areas of music, technology, fashion, the arts and beyond. The world is welcomed to join in this celebration of greatness. Black Nerds’ goal is to ignite a conversation about the powerful role black nerds play in culture and the need for it to be highlighted.

About Black Nerds Club

Black Nerds Club provides a space for interaction, conversation, and connection. The community embraces the nerdy side of black culture- smart, intellectually curious, and unabashedly geeky fun. For additional information:

Social media: IG – @blacknerdsclub FB – BlackNerdsClub

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