Blackville, a Community of Black Creatives, Issues Statement of Equality and Reconciliation to Hollywood

Blackville, a Community of Black Creatives, Issues Statement of Equality and Reconciliation to Hollywood

Hashtags and symbolic gestures go only a certain distance. To confront and remove implicit, in-built bias in the entertainment industry and especially Hollywood, a community of creatives have come together to form Blackville. Blackville has recently released a statement addressed to Hollywood and available on its official website.

Built for Black people, by Black people. Blackville’s mission is to remove racial inequality, and seek reconciliation and recompense from the film and television industry that is known to harbor inequality at every level. Blackville has called for creative justice, opportunity and access, and aims to join hands with other Black content creators, directors, producers and writers.

In the statement addressed to the studios, distributors, production companies, agents and managers, Blackville has outlined its guidance for Black content creators, directors and others, and also stated what kind of opportunities, representation and mentorship it seeks to bring about change.

We recognize that creative inclusion, empowerment and control of our own image is an important component to dismantling the myths of race. We confront racial inequality and seek reconciliation and récompense from a Film and Television industry that is entrenched with patterns of implicit bias,” says Michael ‘Boogievision’ Pinckney, Founder and Producer, Blackville.

The organization recommends building partnerships, hiring Black production companies and nurturing and developing the content available. The industry should build a pool of Black directors, and create opportunities for first-time directors. For instance, Ava DuVernay made ‘Queen Sugar’ which became a template for women directors. The industry needs to discover Black writers and emerging talent, showing them the path to join the Writers Guild. A commitment to a diverse production team is also required.

Blackville has asked for opportunities to develop projects, alternate diverse distribution platforms, and for creators to be able to champion their stories. Relationships with Black production companies need to be built and nurtured, and access to capital opened up for Black content creators to produce their own stories. Other suggestions include those dealing with representation, distribution, and mentorship.

Blackville welcomes inquiries for collaboration. It also aims to become a platform to help fund projects, support incubator programs, and become a true partner with Black content creators, writers, directors and producers.

Studios, networks, production companies and agencies can contact Blackville at: for more information on how to collaborate.


Blackville is a community where Black creatives can truly feel at home. Black creatives have long felt displaced, marginalized, and isolated. Blackville joins the fight for creative empowerment with Black Content Creators, Producers, Directors, and Writers to ensure that their stories are valued and that their voices are heard. For more information, please visit:

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