Boosie BadAzz Shows 'Gotham City' Plans For Children's Homes On Georgia Property

Boosie BadAzz Shows ‘Gotham City’ Plans For Children’s Homes On Georgia Property

Boosie BadAzz has revealed that he is building an area on his 88-acre estate in Georgia for all of his eight children and he’s naming it “Gotham City,” according to XXL.

In a recent episode of VladTV, the Baton Rouge-bred recording artist is seen discussing the plans to have Gotham City built on his Georgia compound, Boozy Estates. He gives a tour to the cameras explaining the development of the four two-story houses already on site. The houses are fairly close together and are located at the back of his huge property which shows a full-length basketball court and a pool behind his main residence.

“I’m thinking about putting another pool right here,” he tells Vlad while updating him since he started construction and allowed Vlad to film previously. I’m putting [up] a big gate that separates right here, like a subdivision gate ’cause this gon’ be Gotham City. I’m thinking about putting a small pool right here so they don’t have to come swim in my pool.”

As he walks around the property, you see what looks like woods behind the houses.

“When you got land, you the man. You can do some much stuff.”

As Boosie builds this for his children, Hot New Hip Hop reported that after a judge prevented the rapper from communicating with his girlfriend, Rajel Nelson, since June 2023, they are now allowed to speak to each other. Court reporter, Meghann Cuniff announced the news on her X account stating that a federal judge had extended a no-contact order at the top of the year from a prosecutor heading a case against him stemming from an arrest in 2023. Boosie was arrested after being seen filming a music video on Instagram Live while possessing a gun. He was charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Boosie BadAzz Shows ‘Gotham City’ Plans For Children’s Homes On Georgia Property

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