Brandon Ingram Partners With blk. Water

Brandon Ingram Partners With blk. Water

Brandon Ingram Partners With blk. Water

blk. Water, the premium purified water infused with fulvic and humic minerals, is excited to announce a partnership with professional basketball power-forward Brandon Ingram, who will be the brand’s inaugural athlete ambassador. As part of the relationship, blk. Water will launch an exclusive bottle that feature’s Ingram’s distinguishable arm and hand, along with his personal epithet “Humble Beast”.

California-based blk. Water has a story and background that are just as unique as Ingram’s flashy style of play. The water’s namesake color is derived from nutrient-rich fulvic and humic minerals with no help from additional dyes. Containing over 77 naturally-occurring trace minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and electrolytes, blk. Water replenishes nutrients that can help elite athletes, like Ingram, achieve and maintain optimal performance.

“blk. Water is great because it offers so much more than regular water,” said Ingram. “Whether I’m heading into a game or recovering from a practice, it allows me to replenish the nutrients my body needs to perform.”

Brandon Ingram and blk. Water are both completely one-of-a-kind, which is why this partnership makes sense,” said BLK International co-founders Louise and Jackie Wilkie. “blk. Water is a stand-out not only for its unique color, but also for the health benefits it offers in comparison to competitors.”

Ingram’s exclusive blk. Water bottles will be available at a number of retailers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area including Whole Foods, Sprouts and Bristol Farms.

In addition to the exclusive bottles, Ingram and blk. Water will collaborate on a series of digital and social media campaigns

About blk.® Water
blk.® is the first functional beverage that enables the power of Mother Nature’s secret weapon: fulvic trace minerals. Once these minerals are extracted and added to purified water, the water turns black naturally without the use of any artificial dyes or colorings while delivering powerful electrolytes, trace minerals and a high pH to consumers without any carbs, calories or sugar. To learn more and purchase blk.®, visit



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