Bronny James Will Take His Chances In NBA Draft

Bronny James Will Take His Chances In NBA Draft

With the option to stay in the NBA Draft or go back to continue his collegiate career, Bronny James will take his chances of reaching his goal of joining his father in the NBA, according to sports agent, Rich Paul.

According to ESPN, with a deadline approaching to inform the NCAA of his returning to play college ball this upcoming year, Paul told the media outlet that Bronny will remain in the 2024 NBA draft taking place on June 26-27.

“He’s staying in the draft,” Paul stated.

After being taken off ESPN’s 2024 mock draft earlier this year, Bronny made an impactful impression during the NBA pre-draft combine. Now, the media outlet has elevated his status and has given him a chance to make the NBA. He is listed as the No. 54 prospect in the ESPN 100, meaning he is expected to be picked in the second round of the NBA Draft.

Although for the past several years, Bronny’s father, LeBron has made it widely known that he wants to play with his son before he leaves his sneakers on the hardwood. As LeBron can opt out of his current contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, people are watching to see what he intends to do for the upcoming year.  With the possibility of drafting Bronny to lure LeBron to a perspective team, Bronny could realistically be picked in the first round.

“Bronny’s [draft] range is wide,” Paul said. “He’s a really good prospect who has a lot of room for growth. It only takes one team. I don’t care where that team is — it can be No. 1 or 58 — [but] I do care about the plan, the development. The team’s strategy, the opportunity, and the financial commitment. That’s why I’m not doing a two-way deal. Every team understands that.”

Paul has stated once again that the focus of the James’ playing together has taken a backseat recently, but he does know that there is talk of it. He insists that the Lakers will have to take the same approach as any NBA team that may want to draft Bronny.

“The Lakers need to look at Bronny like everyone else,” Paul said. “If they value him enough and he’s there, that’s great. If it’s not the Lakers, that’s great. I won’t be mad if it’s not. It’s obvious that people hear the conversation around the dad and son playing together, but that’s not our focus. If it happens organically, great. I’m not building on that.”

Bronny James Will Take His Chances In NBA Draft

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