Brownsville Police Says They 'Could Not Validate' Tisha Campbell’s Version of Attempted Abduction

Brownsville Police Says They ‘Could Not Validate’ Tisha Campbell Version of Attempted Abduction

Over the weekend, Martin star Tisha Campbell reported an alleged attempt at kidnapping her. Now, after an investigation, police officials “could not validate Ms. Campbell’s stay in Brownsville hotels nor any other claims made in the video.”

She posted on social media that she was shooting a film in Brownsville, Texas, and the workday had come to a close. The Martin alum told fans that ridesharing services weren’t available in the area, so she called a cab.

Campbell stated that an unidentified man told her to get into the truck he was driving. She didn’t because she said the vehicle looked shady. After the driver tells her again to get in the vehicle, another guy motioned for her to get in the backseat. As she hesitated, the second man suggested that she “get in the front seat then.”

She told the story in an Instagram post.

“This was a video I sent to my brother right after it happened but I felt it important for ppl to be aware. I need for EVERYONE to be overly conscious of themselves and their loved ones. As Tonidrivera says it’s SHOPPING SEASON where traffickers try to snatch ppl up!!! If I wasn’t from Newark boyyyyy… If Tony Rivera hadn’t schooled me and my friends on what to look for, SHIT would’ve been real different.”

On Sunday, the Brownsville Police Department posted on their Facebook account about the alleged incident Campbell spoke of and stated that they “could not validate” the claims she made.

“Upon reviewing facts presented by Ms. Campbell in her video, BPD Investigators quickly launched an investigation as such cases are not the norm in our city. Through numerous interviews and reviews of security camera footage, we could not validate Ms. Campbell’s stay in Brownsville hotels nor any other claims made in the video.

“The Brownsville Police Department takes human trafficking and incidents such as the one Ms. Campbell reported seriously and welcomes her to reach out to us to investigate the matter further.”


TMZ reported earlier this week that Campbell’s representative disclosed that the incident did not take place in Brownsville, TX, but, instead, it was a Marriott in South Padre Island, TX.

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