Canadians Asking Who Will Pay Security Bill for Megxit


After the news of Queen Elizabeth II‘s support of Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle living in Canada part-time, Canadians voiced immediate concern about chipping in on their security bill.

Carlton University’s monarch expert, Phillippe Lagassé , expressed that celebrity and monarch watchers will look positively on the transition, while others are concerned about what it will cost them for Megxit’s relocation.

One reader of the Canadian website, Globe and Mail commented:

Welcome to Canada but I trust you will be paying for any security or other costs. You cannot benefit from your royal station.

Canada’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, told reporters on Monday that the government has not decided whether or not they will absorb some of the security costs for the royals. “No, we haven’t spent any time thinking about this issue. We obviously are always looking to make sure, that as a member of the Commonwealth, we play a role. But, we have not had any discussions on that subject yet.”

While the royal couple have expressed interest in financial independence, there is no guarantee they will be granted Canadian work permits.

Before Monday’s meeting between members of the royal family, Professor Lagassé pointed out that while the queen is the face on the country’s 20-dollar bill, and while she is also Canada’s head of state, Prince Harry’s grandmother is not a Canadian, and there will be no concessions made for him.

The office of Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, declined to comment. Although around the time of the couple’s Canadian vacation this passed December, he extended them a warm welcome on Twitter. He said, “You’re among friends, and always welcome here.”

Its no secret that onlookers and supporters of Markle, view the underlying reason for the move out of the royal home to Canada, as being due to British racism. While the UK itself boasts a racially diverse society, very little – if any diversity exists at Buckingham Palace. On multiple occasions, Prince Harry has openly defended his wife against attacks on her by the media, vowing they would not have the same opportunity to destroy his family that they did with his mother, Diana, who died while fleeing paparazzi.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are being ridiculed for their talk about taking on a “more progressive” role, while trademarking the brand “Sussex Royal.” A lot of people could say a lot of things about their choice. Only time will tell where the chips will fall with this shift in long standing family tradition.


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