Candace Owens Believes 'Russian Lives Matter' Finds Treatment of Russians 'Appalling' Yet Doesn't Think 'Black Lives Matters'

Candace Owens Believes ‘Russian Lives Matter’ Finds Treatment of Russians ‘Appalling’ Yet Doesn’t Think ‘Black Lives Matters’

The Black American woman who opposes anything to do with the phrase, “Black Lives Matter” sent out a social media post admonishing how “Russians are being treated in America.” She then tweets out “Russian Lives Matter.”

Conservative pundit Candace Owens has taken the side of the Russians in their war against Ukraine as she criticized American government officials and political leaders for “allowing” discrimination against the Russians.

Last week, Owens posted a message on her Twitter account stating she was appalled at how Russians are being treated here and overseas.

Apparently, Owens has a fan within the Russian Embassy in the United States. The Twitter account of the embassy retweeted the post she sent last week.

No stranger to controversy or not passing up a chance to add fuel to the flames, Owens did not back down from her initial statement as she responded earlier this week to her previous post regarding Russia.

The spewing of Pro-Russian propaganda against the teachings of racism not existing in America, particularly against Black people, has left people disgusted with Owens.

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