Cassandra Lucas: 'Let's Try to Evoke Some Real Feelings Again'

Cassandra Lucas: ‘Let’s Try to Evoke Some Real Feelings Again’

Cassandra Lucas: 'Let's Try to Evoke Some Real Feelings Again'

Breakups happen in life. Sometimes, you reconnect, other times, it’s best to be separate. About 25 years ago, Changing Faces was able to ‘Stroke You Up’ while ‘Foolin’ Around’ with the help of R. Kelly. The duo debuted their self-titled album in 1994 and created a buzz. Fast forward and you have the resurgance of Cassandra Lucas, one half of the singing/writing group.

Love is missing in the fabric of today’s current music, according to Lucas, which brings her back in the fold to deliver! The talented artist was able to take some time from putting together the finishing touches on her solo debut (Which we will hear in early 2018) to speak to The Industry Cosign. She tells us why she chooses to come back now, what she has been doing since becoming a soloist and her thoughts on recent news headlines.

After your brief hiatus, what brings you back to the forefront of the R & B realm?

Well, music is such a big part of my D.N.A. thats it’s hard for me not to write or create. With that being said, I just feel like something is missing today and I think the music now is lacking in the love department. That’s what I’m trying to bring back. Let’s try to evoke some real feelings again.

Now being a soloist, how is your approach to your music in the studio and the process differ from your approach as being part of a duo?

Being a solo artist is really different because it’s basically you on everything, so it feels strange. LOL. But what I love about it is, you are free to do you and you’re not boxed in to what “Changing Faces” would do. I get the opportunity to introduce the world to Cassandra Lucas.

Cassandra Lucas- I Love You

What can we expect, vocally and musically, from Cassandra Lucas in 2018?

Well, you can expect me to give you everything I have. It’s been so long since I’ve been out, so I had a lot bottled up inside – LOL. Creatively, I feel like I have grown so much. I actually have like close to 40 songs and I’m going crazy trying to pick what’s going to make the album. I don’t want to leave anything off, and its driving me crazy.

With all the recent news of sexual ‘misconduct’ and all the revelations throughout several industries, what are your thoughts on the surprising telling of such matters by victims now?

I feel that it’s finally time that victims have a voice and are being heard and taken seriously. This has been going on too long and I think women especially are saying enough already!! This is great!!  But, can someone please tell me why this President is still in the office when everyone is getting fired and resigning??  What a shame!!

If you could do anything over again, what would it be and why?

I would probably tell the younger me to slow down and smell the roses. We were blessed to travel the world and see people and go places we would never have dreamed of, but it’s all a blur; it was all happening so fast, every town and hotel room looks the same to me now. This time around, the older me will make a conscious effort to take it all in and count every blessing.


What has Cassandra Lucas been doing since the breakup of Changing Faces?

I have been doing this thing called life. ?You know life gets in the way and before you know it, years have passed and you have to say to yourself — girl it’s time to get back to business. LOL!

How has being on the creative side of the music prepared you for handling the business aspect of the industry

Well, being on the creative side is not new to me, because even in Changing Faces, we did write the majority of our songs.  What’s different is doing it independently and being your own boss of everything. It’s great because you get to do it your way, but its definitely harder because you have to wear so many hats. I have to say I’m up for the challenge though.?

What advice would you give someone looking to embark in a career in the entertainment industry?

My advice to anyone looking to get into the industry would be to love love love what you do. Believe it or not, it’s going to be that love for what you do, that keeps you going, because the business part of it will try to wear you down. So as long as you truly love it , love will always prevail.

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