Jaz-O Is… Legendary

The Business of Hip Hop has grown so much over the years that few predicted its growth and the riches it has bestowed upon many people. When rap was considered a fad and major labels weren't as anxious to participate, it made for strange bedfellows when labels did decide to dip their toes into the … Continue reading
DJ Ron G Is... Legendary

DJ Ron G Is… Legendary

Hip Hop is always evolving, whether you feel it's good or bad, will be debatable based on who is speaking of those changes. BUT, we all have to admit that the game has definitely evolved! The important thing for some, is being ABLE to change with the game to still have some relevancy. Harlem's … Continue reading
Dana Dane Is… Legendary

Dana Dane Is… Legendary

Growing up in a time where the crime rate in the biggest city on Earth was disheartening, to say the least. Being a young Black boy growing up in Brooklyn didn’t always lead to a positive path in the eyes of many. The choices one had at the time wasn’t as bright and open as it is nowadays. … Continue reading