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On the Menu, Ep. 1 | Speed Rack

Hella Cocktail Co. presents On the Menu, a series of unfiltered conversations with renowned bartenders,

5 Questions With… Anthony Burrell

What do you do after being successful with your craft and want to help others?

Smack Talks Summer Madness

Terrell Blair interviews Smack as he talks about his levels of longevity in the Rap

Freeway Rick Ross Breaks Down The Definition of Snitching

Terrell Blair interviews Rick Ross regarding his new book and the concept of hustling. He

Mims Talks (Part 1)- His New Company Tech Company RecordGram

Mims Thoroughly BreaksDown His Process of Going From an Arist To a Full Fledge Company

King Bless Talks with Terrell Blair

KingBless Elaborates about Increasing his Visability, not only as an Artist But as an Overall

5 Questions With… Michael Taylor

  What seems to be missing in people, in terms of their lack of success,

Kay K Rosemond AKA Lord Karon: ‘Well, I Make Music I Like to Listen to, Work Out to…’,

Nowadays, it is a MUST to have multiple hustles in this Business of Hip-Hop in

Cassandra Lucas: ‘Let’s Try to Evoke Some Real Feelings Again’

Breakups happen in life. Sometimes, you reconnect, other times, it’s best to be separate. About

Chris Walker: ‘Comics is the Next Big Storytelling Medium of Hip Hop as a Culture’

What do you do when you’ve worked for the likes of Marvel and DC Comics,

Mysonne Talks

Mysonne Talks about Maintaining His Levels of Fighting For Communities of Color as an Activist.

Terrell Blair’s Interview with Lady Luck

Terrell Blair sat down with Lady Luck to discuss her show ( on Bravo Network

Ralph McDaniels Is… Legendary

Soul Train was the longest running music TV program for 35 years. Guess which show

Terrell Blair’s Interview With Chris Rivers

Terrell Blair sat down with Chris Rivers ( son of the late Big Pun )

The Silent Celeb Interview by Terrell Blair



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