Celebrities Support 6-8th Graders Radio Station “SEBNC Radio” 88.9FM To Help End Gun Violence

Celebrities Support 6-8th Graders Radio Station “SEBNC Radio” 88.9FM To Help End Gun Violence

Celebrities Support 6-8th Graders Radio Station “SEBNC Radio” 88.9FM To Help End Gun Violence

On Wednesday, April 13th a call went out to a few select celebrities to come to the McKinley Community Center in Southeast Bronx of NYC to have a discussion on what an army of one can do to help stop gun violence.  The radio station is produced, engineered and the interviews are conducted by the children who participate in the SEBNC/SONYC Afterschool Program.  Every Monday and Wednesday the children receive instruction from Mr. Leroy Baylor and Mr. Wali Abdun-Noor on the inner workings of radio technology.  The children not only learn how to interview expanding their vocabulary, diction and grasp on current affairs to conduct an engaging conversation they also learn the science and inner workings of a radio station. “These are the programs that make our Afterschool Program a success” states SEBNC Executive Director Mr. Damyn Kelly.  “It’s about creating a new way to introduce the importance of education and STEAM to our children. Having the support and attention from celebrities like DJ JS and Josh Xantos are the events we need to support the efforts of all of us here at SEBNC.”  You can listen to the kids live broadcast every Wednesday from 5:00-6:00pm by either tuning in at 88.9 on your FM dial or by going to www.sebnc.org and click on the play button on the home page.   All of this is in preparation for the kids Cyber Town Hall Meeting on April 21st.

The April 21st, Town Hall Meeting against GUN VIOLENCE will be held cyberly with other children from Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago to find out what they can do to stop gun violence in their neighborhood.

The SEBNC /SONYC Afterschool Program held at the McKinley Center started this initiative a few years ago.  Funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) SEBNC/SONYC is able to award these types of opportunities for our children to broaden their perspective of life’s possibilities. The success of the children’s awareness program has resulted with the cease of gun violence in their neighborhood for one year.  The result of that success has positioned the kids to take their mission one step further and expand their campaign from the streets of NYC to the streets of other cities severely effected by gun violence.  Coordinated by Injoy7 Technologies the children have learned how to use technology to get their word out to the masses.  That delivery includes a website www.more4mylive.org and social media with the same name.

The SEBNC Clovers STEP Team consists of seven (7) middle school students from the SONYC McKinley afterschool program.  These seven young ladies are “A” students who care about the community they reside. The SEBNC Clovers ages range from 13-15 who spearhead the awareness for the rest of the children in the SONYC McKinley Afterschool Program directed by Alisa Pratt.  “I am so proud of my kids!  They have committed themselves to making a difference and each project from the cinematography to their radio station and our successful step team continues to send a message that all lives matter and that they want to live in a community free of violence.”   Alisa continues; “The campaign is designed towards action to get their message out and making their voices heard within their community.”  For the CLOVERS, their chosen violence campaign is designed around “Gun Violence”. The McKinley Center located in the inner-city section of Morrisania in the NYCHA complex of the same name in the Bronx was no stranger to gun violence.


Over the years, the McKinley Center, has endured several shooting and killings right outside of the center, which is known as the “safe haven” for their middle school participants.  The Clovers decided, “Enough is Enough” and spoke to their community about gun-violence. The Clovers have captured their anti-gun violence campaign on video with the help of their STEM peers at McKinley.  The creation of Inner-City DREAMS (ICD) is the logo and brand name for McKinley STEM (Cinematography, Tech) who assist the clover in videoing and interviewing their success in the competition.  You can watch their work on youtube ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ3OLKEWLrY  , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcOifPwE37o  or by searching SEBNC Clovers.

Help these amazing children spread the word to STOP THE VIOLENCE by covering their event or their story in your media outlets.  You are only as good as who knows.  Help make these kids and their mission known around the world.  Join us using goggle hangouts on April 21st from 6:30 to 7:30 to engage in the conversation and the action to stop gun violence.  To learn more please go to www.more4mylife.org

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