Champ Bailey Joins Lasso As Head Of Athlete Relations And Board Member

Champ Bailey Joins Lasso As Head Of Athlete Relations And Board Member

Champ Bailey Joins Lasso As Head Of Athlete Relations And Board Member

Champ Bailey, Future Pro Football Hall of Famer and strategic investor, has joined BWHealth, the parent company of Lasso, as an investor, board member, and Head of Athlete Relations.

Lasso is the latest product line from BWHealth, which helps to prevent injury and improve performance by using their patent-pending TrueCompression™ technology, which mimics the ankle support of extra ligaments and tendons. Studies show Lasso Compression Socks (the company’s first Lasso product) reduce ankle rolling by 75%.

In his new role, Champ will grow engagement with current and retired professional athletes, while guiding Lasso’s youth athletics outreach efforts.

“We’re beyond humbled to have Champ involved with Lasso. We think it’s a groundbreaking technology that every single person should have, and with Champ’s help, we can really take things to the next level,” said Partha Unnava, CEO of BWHealth. “Champ embodies all of our values, and his career long focus on technique and fundamentals reflects our process as a company.”

Currently, Lasso Compression Socks are used by hundreds of professional athletes in offseason training and in-game. BWHealth plans to release two new Lasso products later this fall.

“I’m excited to be involved with BWHealth,” said Champ Bailey. “I tell everybody that it starts with the basics: Build your game and life from the feet up. Lasso gives people support when and where they need it. It’s great that I can help people get the most out of their performance.”

BWHealth was founded by Partha Unnava after he broke his ankle playing basketball. The company’s first product is the Better Walk Crutch, a crutch that reduces underarm pain for users. The Better Walk Crutch brought the company into national news through features in Forbes, CNN, Inc., and even at the White House. BWHealth moved in the direction of Lasso after seeing the impact they could make by preventing injuries, rather than just improving the rehab experience.

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