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Charlamagne Tha God Discourages Rappers From Having Entourages

For decades, the hip-hop entourage has always been a thing. Most rappers bring along childhood friends as part of the company they keep and in some cases, that sometimes leads to trouble. Charlamagne Tha God has a great suggestion that may upset the friends of those recording artists, but it may save and/or enhance the careers of some artists.

TMZ caught up with The Black Effect Podcast Network’s founder last Friday, Dec. 1, and discussed what he feels may be the answer to some of these rappers getting into beef because and/or due to the people they bring around them.

A recent attack on a fan of rapper Nardo Wick made headlines when the recording artist’s entourage sneak-punched and then jumped on him knocking him unconscious. The young fan was sent to the hospital and the video of the seemingly unprovoked attack went viral placing a spotlight on the people who are around the recording artist.

Charlamagne said, “Entourages are played out, especially if you have a bunch of people around you who don’t serve noCharlamagne Tha God Discourages Rappers From Having Entourages real purpose. Because, you know, if those brothers served a real purpose, they wouldn’t be doing something as foolish as that, because that’s not security. The way I move, I have real security with me. You know? I have former police officers that are security, and they know how to handle situations. Security’s job isn’t to beat people up. Security’s job is to diffuse things. So, if there is a threat, you recognize the threat…”

Last week, on  Nov. 27, two men who are part of Nardo’s entourage were caught on video beating a fan who wanted to take a picture with the recording artist. As he approached the area, one of the men hit him and as the fan, who has been identified as 20-year-old George Obregon Jr., was stunned by the assault, the other man snuffed him and knocked him to the ground. Obregon suffered several critical injuries, which included a severe concussion and brain bleeding.

Charlamagne Tha God Discourages Rappers From Having Entourages

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