Charles Hamilton Releases 'Hamilton, Charles' December 9th

Charles Hamilton Releases ‘Hamilton, Charles’ December 9th

Charles Hamilton Releases 'Hamilton, Charles' December 9th

BIG Hip Hop News! Charles Hamilton Releases “Hamilton, Charles” 

Harlem Rapper tackles mental illness and much more on 12/9 album 

Rapper Charles Hamilton releases his debut full-length album “Hamilton, Charles” on Republic Records via iTunes on Friday, December 9th.

The album takes listeners on a journey of exploration as the 29-year old artist lyrically details his hiatus from the music industry and passionate reemergence. On it, he showcases himself as a talented multi-instrumentalist and joins producers The Invisible Men and The Roots’ Ray Angry while tackling topics which include his acknowledgment of and treatment for mental illness.

Hamilton is no stranger to the music industry as he made the 2009 XXL Freshman Class cover and received critical acclaim from Interview Magazine and peers such as Kanye West and Eminem.

As one of the first hip hop artists to regularly use his blog to release new music and interact with his fans, Hamilton still sees power in this form of connecting. To date, he’s released over 500 mixtapes that are available for his “Hamiltonites”.

“I’m grateful to my family and fans for sticking with me through this process. I’ve put my all into creating an album that not only defines me but so many of my generation,” says Hamilton. “Music has always given me joy. When I walk, talk, eat, sleep, or breathe, I hear beats. I’ve only ever wanted the opportunity to share my voice with the world.”

On his track “Man’s World”, Hamilton tackles today’s political climate with an introspective take as a young black male artist –

“What does it mean to be black in America? To think about it is half the hysteria. You can’t laugh at despair too much. If you rap you gotta tear it up. Your paps wasn’t there enough. Our president represents what we could achieve. But his presence isn’t what people believe. I guess it was destiny to elect him to be in the presidency to ensure we could never be free. I’m not an activist. I just actively have a crap to give. My rapping gift.”

Lead single, “Everyone” touches on police brutality and is an honest depiction of his angst for redemption as he rhymes, “Progression is the lesson of mine. Depression weights heavy on the mind. Let me define. A physical weight is placed on the mental. Disgrace and hate isn’t simple.”

Despite his lauded but rocky start in the music industry, here Hamilton redeems himself while proving true staying power.

Charles Hamilton will be performing on Monday, December 19th at 7pm at SOBs located at 204 Varick Street in New York City. Tickets are $15 and include a viewing and discussion of his recent Fred Scott-directed documentary “Faultlines” via RedBull TV.

For more information on Charles Hamilton please visit his blog and:

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