Chef Janice Kingston Launches 'Mama Kingston's Everything Everyday Sauce'

Chef Janice Kingston Launches ‘Mama Kingston’s Everything Everyday Sauce’

Chef Janice Kingston Launches ‘Mama Kingston’s Everything Everyday Sauce’


–The Authentic Jamaican-Inspired, Caribbean-Flavored Sauce Already Loved By A-List Celebrities – 

DALLAS, June 20, 2023 — Mama Kingston™ and  Dave’s Gourmet are thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated launch of Mama Kingston’s Everything Everyday Sauce, an irresistible blend of sweet and tangy tropical flavors, Caribbean spices, and a touch of smokiness that adds an exotic twist to every dish. Already adored by A-list celebrities, music artists, and food enthusiasts, this buzz-worthy sauce promises to elevate various cuisines and tantalize taste buds.

Created by Chef Janice Turner, fondly known as Mama Kingston, renowned for her passion for Jamaican cuisine and her talent for crafting mouthwatering dishes, Mama Kingston’s Everything Everyday Sauce has rapidly gained popularity for its flavorful profile of Caribbean spices, gluten-free composition, and vegan credentials. Influenced by Janice’s Jamaican heritage and her expertise as a celebrated chef, this sauce brings the taste of paradise to your plate.

Over the years, Mama Kingston, the mother of superstar singer Sean Kingston, and daughter Kanema Kingston and son Kirk Kingston has delighted high-profile red-carpet events and renowned artists such as Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, Soulja Boy, Amber Rose, Stefflon Don, and Chris Brown with her delectable Jamaican dishes. Her innate warmth and charisma, combined with her culinary prowess, have left a lasting impression on the taste buds of these A-listers, fueling the growing demand for her gastronomic creations. Dave’s Gourmet, an innovative pioneer and a legacy brand in the food industry with three decades of experience, partnered with Janice to bring Mama Kingston’s sought-after flavor to the commercial market.

“I’m beyond thrilled to share my Everything Everyday Sauce with food enthusiasts worldwide,” said Turner. “This sauce is not just for cooking; it’s a condiment that can enhance the flavor of any dish. My motto is: ‘If you ain’t got the sauce, you ain’t got the flavor!’ And this sauce is bursting with flavor, enjoyed by world celebrities, and now will be available to all!”

While famously used for grilling chicken, this versatile sauce can infuse a Caribbean kick into everything. It complements crispy tofu or jackfruit, glazed veggies, meats, or seafood, adds a delightful twist to stews, or can be used as dipping sauce for fries or wings.

“When Janice presented her prized recipe to us, we were instantly captivated by the opportunity to transform it into a commercial-ready product. The immense love and dedication she pours into her food is palpable, and we knew we had to partner with her,” stated David Neuman, CEO of Dave’s Gourmet. “Through extensive collaboration and development efforts with Janice, we have achieved something truly extraordinary. It’s like capturing lightning in a bottle! I eagerly await the moment when consumers can find this finger-licking sauce on store shelves and online later this year.”

About Mama Kingston’s Kitchen: Mama Kingston’s Kitchen is a culinary venture founded by Jamaican-born entrepreneur and chef Janice Turner. Inspired by her passion for Jamaican cuisine and her father’s musical legacy, Mama Kingston delivers the authentic flavors of Jamaica to food enthusiasts worldwide. Their signature product, Mama Kingston’s Everything Everyday Sauce, is a sweet and tangy blend of Caribbean spices that adds an exotic touch to any dish.                                                       

About Dave’s Gourmet: Dave’s Gourmet was the first to enter the super-hot segment of the hot sauce category. The Company’s iconic Dave’s Insanity Sauce is the original “hottest hot sauce in the universe.” Their expertise in making super-hot sauces landed Dave’s Gourmet Sauce on the first season of the hit YouTube channel Hot Ones. To expand its offerings, Dave’s Gourmet launched a line of premium creamy hot sauces. The entire line is vegan, gluten-free, low-sodium, low-calorie, and bottled in the USA. The wide selection of Dave’s Gourmet’s sauces caters to any heat level desired by customers delivering bold and versatile flavors.

Dave’s is also a leader in the premium pasta sauce segment with unique award-winning varieties. In early 2023, Dave’s Gourmet launched single-estate grown, 100% Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chili Olive Oil line carefully curated with intention by O.N.A.O.O. certified tasting experts. Olives from the grove are hand-picked and crushed within hours. The line offers a range of intensities and flavors that are rare in the United States. Dave’s Gourmet serves both retail and foodservice customers in the US and internationally.

Chef Janice Kingston Launches ‘Mama Kingston’s Everything Everyday Sauce’

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