Chris Orrick - Self Portrait

Chris Orrick – Self Portrait

“Still trying to paint you a portrait It never looks right when I force it…”
from the album Chris Orrick “Portraits” debuted at Ambrosia For Heads 7/19/18…
Directors statement:
“This project was comprised from 2 days of filming, and 4 months of post production. Every single collage you see was hand made, scanned, and edited into the project. One collage per frame, 24 collages per second. From vintage playboys, to the junkmail I got each day in my mailbox, I wanted to create a moving tableau of how we are sold to as Americans, how we see ourselves, and how we see each other.”
Lead Vocals by Chris Orrick Music
Produced by Nolan The Ninja
Directed by Malcolm Critcher & Symeon Platts
Video Produced by Mild West
Assistant Director – Maggie Adams
Written & Performed by Chris Orrick
Mello Music Group, 2018

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