Chris Rock’s Hit TV Show Comes Back as an Animated Series ‘Everybody Still Hates Chris’

Chris Rock’s Hit TV Show Comes Back as an Animated Series Everybody Still Hates Chris

Here’s news that Will Smith may agree with!

According to Variety, Chris Rock‘s hit television series, Everybody Hates Chris is being rebooted as an animated series. The latest iteration of the comedy will be retitled Everybody Still Hates Chris. The upcoming series will be shown on Paramount+ and Comedy Central.

“A reimagining of this groundbreaking, critically acclaimed series has been a source of creative discussions at our studio for a long time,” said George Cheeks, president and CEO of CBS in a written statement. “It’s exciting to join forces with 3 Arts and the comedic genius of Chris Rock as he expands on his vision of the original show in this innovative new format. This also marks another significant in-house collaboration for CBS with Chris McCarthy and our valued partners at MTV Entertainment Studios as we jointly support this marquee series for Paramount+ and Comedy Central.”

The latest series, which, like the original when it was broadcast on UPN and on the CW, will once again be narrated by the Brooklyn-born comedian. Everybody Still Hates Chris refocuses on Rock’s times and experiences growing up as a nerd in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn during the late 1980s. Along with Rock, the executive producers are showrunner Sanjay Shah, Ali LeRoi, Michael Rotenberg and Dave Becky. The show will be produced by CBS Studios and 3 Arts Entertainment.

“Chris Rock is one of the most gifted comedians of all time and we’re excited to partner with him, 3 Arts and CBS Studios to bring this to life and welcome it as the next big hit in our expanding arsenal of iconic adult animation that includes smash series such as South Park and the new Beavis and Butt-Head,” said Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios.

Deadline also reported that Everybody Hates Chris made its debut in 2005 on UPN, where it ran for one season, before running on the CW. The popular autobiographic sitcom won an NAACP Image Award for its writing in 2007. The show was also nominated for a Golden Globe and several Emmy Awards.


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