Christian Walker Gives His Father Herschel and the Republican Party the Business After Election Loss

Christian Walker Gives His Father Herschel and the Republican Party the Business After Election Loss

After news that Herschel Walker lost the election for the Georgia senate seat he was running for, Christian Walker, who has been quite quiet recently blasted his father in a social media post.

U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock beat former president Donald Trump‘s handpicked candidate, Republican challenger Herschel Walker on Tuesday night after a runoff election in Georgia. Christian Walker, who has been silent since putting his father, Herschel on blast in October for running a campaign on lies, has returned with a vengeance not seen since, well, he went after him two months ago.

Shortly after Herschel conceded the race and news organizations called the election in favor of Warnock, Christian took to Twitter to shame the man he shares a last name with and the Republican party as well.

The ultra-conservative Christian went on a rant with a series of posts chastising the people who encouraged his father to run, while also defending his mother who raised him amid the abuse claims he previously acknowledged on Twitter in October. He referred to his father as an abusive man who beat women and threatened people with guns while paying for abortions. According to Christian, these were all things his father did, yet, ran on a platform that was against abortions and pro-life.

He then reveals, once again that Trump asked his father to run but his family tried to discourage Herschel from entering politics. His past behavior would lessen his chances of winning and the family will look foolish in the process.

Christian then asserts that “a boring old Republican” could have won this election but they decided to pit his father against Warnock simply because they share the same skin color.

He then reminds people that Herschel was and still is an absent father as he tried to hide the fact that he had two other children that the public didn’t previously know about until after the campaign was in full swing.

He ends his emotional tirade by displaying a photograph of his mother, who he acknowledged didn’t want to speak to anyone regarding his father. After he said he witnessed many lies being told about her, he had to blast his father to protect her and the lies that were being told about her.

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