Christon Gray: "Grow Up"

Christon Gray – Grow Up

Christon Gray has the nostalgic throwback song “Grow Up” out, as well as anthem “Time Out,” and ballad “Together Forever” out now.

The hitmaker behind the widespread crossover hit song “Stop Me,” recently released this “Time Out” anthem, from his album Clear The Heir. (*’Stop Me’is the theme song to Madden NFL 19, and also was featured on HBO’s Ballers, FOX’s Lethal Weapon, the ESPY Awards/ESPN programming, FOX Sports NFL/NCAA/Premier League, commercials for Honda and Roc Nation and as the theme song to Dwayne Johnson’s spring blockbuster movie ‘Rampage’ as well as many other places)


In his “Time Out” video with Christon Gray features a number of prominent athletes across different fields, including Green Bay Packers Ty Montgomery, Memphis Grizzlies Mike Conley, WWE champion AJ Styles, Arizona Diamondbacks Steven Souza Jr. and more!


Please see link below to check out his “Time Out” video.

Christon Gray: “Time Out” music video 



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