Disgruntled LA Clippers Players, P.J. Tucker And Bones Hyland Sent Home

Disgruntled LA Clippers Players, P.J. Tucker And Bones Hyland Sent Home

After the Los Angeles Clippers traded for formerly disgruntled 76ers player, James Harden, the expectations were that the team would not do well as several superstar players wouldn’t mesh and there would be problems with minutes being distributed effectively. Yet, the team is thriving but several players became disgruntled anyway. According to The Athletic, two of them were sent home on a recent road trip due to their frustrations.

PJ Tucker and Bones Hyland were sent back home from their recent road trip, although both are anticipated to be back with the team after this weekend’s All-Star break. The Clippers will play their next game on Thursday, Feb. 22.

Tucker, who came along with Harden when the star player was brought to the Clippers has not played in a contest since last year on Nov. 27.  Meanwhile, Hyland has not played in a game since Jan. 31 and only appeared on the court in seven games before that.

The Clippers have the third-best record in the league at 36-17, one half a game behind the Oklahoma Thunder and 1.5 games behind the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Tucker has good reason to complain as he was a starting forward while playing alongside Harden when they were both on the 76ers. But, once he joined the superstar-laded Clippers, he was involved in the rotation for first the 12 games of November, yet, the team lost the first six during that stretch. The team has gone 27-7 since the beginning of December once Tucker was out of the rotation.

In starting rookie Kobe Brown, Tucker stated that being traded from the team was the goal and he was on board with that.

“It was agreed upon that I would sit,” Tucker told The Athletic. “I didn’t just sit, it was agreed upon. Until they moved me, I would sit. They didn’t do it. But (I) try to be professional, as professional as possible. But at the same time, if I don’t advocate for myself, who is? You know? But it is what it is, man.”

For Hyland, his fate was doomed once Rusell Westbrook offered up his starting spot to play in the second unit. Hyland was the backup shooting guard but Norman Powell was moved ahead of Hyland after the unselfish move by Westbrook. So, due to that move, Hyland hardly gets any playing time.

Disgruntled LA Clippers Players, P.J. Tucker And Bones Hyland Sent Home

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