Coole High : Suspension

Coole High : Suspension


So, if you know me, you know I have a different idea about most holidays and certain “days”.  With that said, this is a joint for the fathers who realize that we’re dads everyday, not just one.  It’s tough but we don’t have to be superheroes, just be men!

Coole High



Las Vegas, NV:  Upon this years summer solstice, June 20th, artist/producer Coole High will be releasing his 6th rap album, “Clouded Visionary I”. This comes on the heels of a long break since moving from New York to Las Vegas.  Recently he’s released the lead single for the project “Suspension”.  The feel of the visuals are of grittiness and darkness.  There is a definite contrast of “day and night” that suddenly begins to seep in.  The track is definite lyrical skill and wit layered over hard hitting east coast style smoothness.

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Of Coole’s completion of Clouded Visionary I, he said: “This album is probably the most personal to date.  Lyrically I said a lot of things that some might assume I was dealing with depression.  The album has a somewhat serious tone and tells a lot of my current mindset as it relates to current events and personal growth”.

About Coole High: A self-produced, veteran emcee, Coole High released his debut album, From the Ground Up, on his own label, Reddoktoba Productions, in 1998. He’s since released four solo LPs and produced several other projects of note, including the award-winning The Empty Hands martial arts film soundtrack; House of Blen Volumes I and II; Reddoktoba Lounge Series Volumes I and I.5; and select songs for fellow Reddoktoba label mates, Atlas’ and Ciph Diggy. Coole High also scored a number of independent films to date and a number of his songs have gotten placements on television and cable networks such as Fox, Bravo, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. He’s received success with shows like “Rosewood”, starring Morris Chesnut, “Real Housewives of Miami, Hand of God starring Ron Perlman, Bad Girls Club, and Keeping Up With The Kardasians, to name a few. To browse a complete collection of Coole High’s productions, visit and






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