Cosmo brings Freshman EP “Criminal God” to all streaming platforms.

The project title begs explanation: “I directed this EP from the angle of a five-percenter. Growing  up, I learned from the energy of other five-percenters around me.  I wanted to portray the culture in a street way.  When you’re supposed to have knowledge of self and live righteous – but you’re doing the same wrong things as others – you gotta do it with consciousness. I talk about a lot of real situations I’ve been in, in my life,” Cosmo says.

The project sees features from Kool G RapRay LugaBobby Garcia and Holli Wave Hondo. On production is Architect Allah and Prince Karem.

Prior to the March 6th release, Cosmo unleashed single “Today’s Math” – in 2020 .

In conjunction with Cosmo’s mother, who inspired the project title, his biggest influencers are Wu Tang Clan, Jay Z, LL Cool J, Nas, Run DMC, Erik B and Rakim, Houdini, Dipset, Onyx, Russell Simmons, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey, to name a few.  In addition to his own voice, you can hear a bit of theirs in his music.

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