Dame Dash Responds To Fat Joe After Rapper Says: ‘You Made A JAY-Z, Go Make Another JAY-Z’

Damon Dash Responds To Fat Joe After Rapper Says: ‘You Made A JAY-Z, Go Make Another JAY-Z’

There seems to be a dispute going on between Bronx-bred hip-hop recording artist, Fat Joe and Harlem-grown entrepreneur Damon Dash. Although both men state that they don’t have beef with each other, apparently a prior conversation that Fat Joe had was captured on video from his Instagram Live when he referenced a line JAY-Z said on his record, “Lost Ones,” “I heard motherf**kers sayin’ they made Hov/Made Hov say, ‘Okay, so? Make another Hov!’” Dash took offense to that and responded to what Fat Joe said.

On Saturday, Dash took to his America Nu Network on YouTube to discuss what Fat Joe said in his video. Initially, Joe was speaking about people being delusional and somehow that led to him saying this: “If you’re a hustler, if you’re a money getter then where’s your money? If you’re a genius and you’re smart then where’s your sh**?”

He then says, “So whoever you are—you know JAY-Z said, ‘You made a JAY-Z, go make another JAY-Z.’ And that’s not a direct shot at Dame Dash, I have no issues with Damon Dash. I’m just saying—that’s one of the most historic lines ever, and I happen to think that Dame Dash is a smart guy, an intelligent guy, but he said it. He made one, go make another one. You can’t tell me that because I put Big Pun on, then I put DJ Khaled on.”

For whatever reason Joe brought Dash up in this situation, it apparently made Dash feel a way. So, Dash felt the need to respond to Joe’s unprovoked clip and he also stated that he has no beef with Joe but is not gonna allow him to get away with what he stated on his Instagram Live.

Dash starts off by saying, “I have no beef with you but I have a response to what you said. Number one, make another Hov? Why the f**k would I make another Hov? He was double dipping. We were paying him highly as an artist and then he was double dipping from the company and he didn’t make me a lot of money.

“He did not generate $100 million a year for me, that’s why I had to do a lot of other shit. I don’t want to make another Hov. But I did make a Kanye, a Cam’ron, pause, or help, and after you do that I don’t have anything else to do.”

With that being said, Dash goes on to state that he created a company worth $100 million, that company being Rachel Roy (his former wife, Rachel Roy’s fashion company).

“So I didn’t make another Hov, I made another $100 million company. I don’t make an artist, I make a company.”

Fat Joe is currently signed to JAY-Z’s Roc-Nation Management.

Damon Dash Responds To Fat Joe After Rapper Says: ‘You Made A JAY-Z, Go Make Another JAY-Z’


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