My Friends Are Better Than Yours Featuring Daryl 'Chill' Mitchell- Beyond 50

My Friends Are Better Than Yours Featuring Daryl ‘Chill’ Mitchell- Beyond 50

Growing up in the New York City area is challenging, yet fulfilling, especially back in the 1970s- 1990s. A young boy, born in the Bronx but raised in Long Island took a chance by entering the world of hip-hop at a time when hip-hop was still considered a fad and wasn’t expected to last long. In fact, it was given the same lifespan as disco. But, Darryl Mitchell decided to try his hand at it anyway and joined his friends, Gene “Groove” Allen and Belal “DJ Belal” Miller, and using the moniker “Chill,” the three became the hip-hop group, Groove B Chill.

Groove B Chill appeared as one of the first acts on a new independent label named “Uptown Records.” The label had many acts throughout the years which featured Guy, Al B. Sure!, Father MC, Christopher Williams, Jodeci, Jeff Redd, Monifah, and Mary J. Blige, just to name a few. But, Groove B Chill was one of the first acts on the label’s debut project, “Uptown Is Kickin’ It” which started with the first song and video, “The Uptown Crew- Uptown Is Kickin’ It” featuring Heavy D and the Boyz, Finesse & Synquis, Marley Marl, Woody Rock, The Brothers Black and Groove B Chill.

You recognized Chill right away with his trademark hat as Grove B Chill ended the song and video with their lyrics and recognizable dance.

Shortly after the group made its debut, they appeared in the Kid N Play-led movie, “House Party.” After appearing in the first and second House Party movies, Chill caught the acting bug and never looked back!

He has appeared in shows like “The John Larroquette Show,” “Veronica’s Closet,” “Brothers,” “NCIS: New Orleans” and “Fear the Walking Dead.” He has also made appearances in movies like, “Inside Man” and “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.”

I got the chance to speak to Chill about a variety of topics, including how he coped with and overcame the tragic car accident that made him lose the use of his legs. He discusses coping with everyday life as an actor and performer and even speaks about becoming a comedian.

My Friends Are Better Than Yours Featuring Daryl ‘Chill’ Mitchell- Beyond 50

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