De La Soul's DJ Maseo Reveals Almost Buckling While Negotiating Gaining Back Group's Music Catalog

De La Soul’s DJ Maseo Reveals Almost Buckling While Negotiating Gaining Back Group’s Music Catalog

The fight to obtain the rights to their music was a journey that played out publicly for Long Island’s legendary hip-hop group, De La Soul. That fight ended up a victorious one when the group was granted the rights to their music after Reservoir secured their rights from the former record label, Tommy Boy Records. In a recent “Drink Champs” interview, DJ Maseo described almost “buckling” when the group was trying to get their music to the masses and the rights to make a little money off their craft.

Before Reservior got the rights to the De La Soul back catalog, the group’s music hadn’t been available on any streaming service. After the acquisition was complete and the company negotiated with the trio, it was announced earlier this year that De La Soul’s music would be made available for their fans on all major streaming platforms. Sadly, along with the good news for the group, it was announced a month before the release of the catalog to streaming platforms, Trugoy the Dove, nee David Jolicoeur had passed away.

The remaining members of the hip-hop group, Maseo (Vincent Mason) and Posdnous (Kelvin Mercer) appeared on N.O.R.E. and DJ Efn’s podcast to discuss the road to regaining the rights to the catalog after so many years. During the discussion, Maseo admitted that they almost caved but perseverance overcame any challenge, and now the catalog is streaming well on various platforms.

“Yeah, we’re humble guys but I know my value,” Mason stated to the two co-hosts. “I’ve been playing this game since high school and it’s been on-the-job training. And behind it all, this was the moment in time I had to really take on my leadership in the crew.”

“There were times where I almost buckled. I almost buckled a few times.”

Yet, the group achieved what they wanted after Reservoir fought to help them complete that journey earlier this year. De La Soul debuted the six albums that were under the control of their former label, starting with their first album,  “3 Feet High and Rising” which was released by Tommy Boy on March 3, 1989. The catalog became available on all streaming platforms earlier this year, on March 3, 2023, on the 34th anniversary of the debut of the first album.

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