Deion Sanders Chastised For Controversial Comments On Recruiting

Deion Sanders Chastised For Controversial Comments On Recruiting

Deion Sanders Chastised For Controversial Comments On Recruiting

As his son, Shedeur is celebrating receiving an award for being the best HBCU overall football player, Deion Sanders is being ripped for comments he made weeks ago.

According to 247 Sports, Colorado football coach, Coach Prime is being chastised because of what he stated on an episode of the Rich Eisen Show. He revealed the qualities and characteristics he looks for when he is recruiting players for positions.

After turning Jackson State University into a winner by having the football team go undefeated for the past two years in division play, he feels like he has the formula for success. He intends on doing so for his current school, the University of Colorado Boulder.

“We have the blueprint. We just did it at Jackson State, and we plan on doing it again.”

The fury from what he said pertains to how he says they select his position players.

“We want smart, tough, fast, disciplined with character,” Sanders continues. “Quarterbacks are different. We want mother and father, dual parents. We want that kid to be a 3.5+ GPA; he’s got to be smart. He can’t make bad decisions off the field. He has to be a leader of men. There are so many different attributes of what we look for. We would love a coach’s son. That’s what we look for in quarterbacks.”

He stated what they also envision when looking for the defensive and offensive lines and it’s not a good look.

“For offensive linemen, we look for dual-parent homes with a strong father that they adhered to. They also need to be smart, have a 3.3+ GPA, and be tough and physical. Defensive line is totally the opposite. Single mother, on free lunch, and he’s just trying to make it. He’s trying to rescue momma. I want him to just go get it. We know what, and we go get it.”

The first statement pertaining to quarterbacks and offensive linemen makes sense and didn’t sound bad at all. But, that defensive line description is seemingly based on the stereotypical thought process that tends to generalize Black families who may be below the poverty level.

It’s safe to say that a couple of people weren’t too keen on what he stated.

Deion Sanders Chastised For Controversial Comments On Recruiting

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