Deion Sanders Releasing Second Book ‘Elevate and Dominate’ in March 2024

Deion Sanders Releasing Second Book ‘Elevate and Dominate’ in March 2024

The winning ways of NFL Hall of Famer Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders will soon be available for public consumption when the college football coach releases his second book next year in 2024.

The Colorado Buffalos coach will be releasing a book, “Elevate and Dominate: 21 Ways to Win On and Off the Field” on March 12, 2024, according to The Associated Press. It is slated to be released on Simon and Schuster’s Gallery Books imprint 13a.

“Success isn’t just about what you achieve between the lines on game day or stacking up money that you may never get to fully enjoy. It’s about winning in ALL ASPECTS of life,” Sanders said in a written statement. “From the mindset you cultivate, the discipline you uphold, and your faith in God – champions aren’t born; they’re made, day by day, choice by choice and decision by decision. You’ve got to BE CONSISTENT and BELIEVE every darn step of the way.”

In his latest tome, the former reality TV personality will give the reader motivational stories and personal strategies that can be used on and off the field. The words and advice given in the book will help people do better at life, work, relationships, or anything they need inspiration to accomplish or become better at.

This is the second book written by the “Must Be the Money” star. His first offering was released in 1999, “Power, Money & Sex: How Success Almost Ruined My Life.”

Sanders was hired to take over the University of Colorado Boulder Colorado Buffaloes football team before the start of this season after having two successful seasons coaching the football team at Jackson State University. The Buffaloes only won one game last season (1-12) and after taking the reins of the team, they have already won four games (4-3) surpassing expectations right away.

The coach has set the college football world ablaze with his ability to get so much out of his players and this book may give clues on how to utilize his techniques to accomplish more in life.

Deion Sanders Releasing Second Book ‘Elevate and Dominate’ in March 2024

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