Deion Sanders Lands Another Top Recruit, Kevin Coleman

Deion Sanders Lands Another Top Recruit, Kevin Coleman

When former NFL great Deion Sanders made a commitment to coaching at Jackson State University, he vowed to not only change the culture there but also stated that Black athletes, no, athletes in general, should start considering playing at HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). In his attempts to level the playing field for Black collegiate athletes, he is keeping his word as he has signed his second top prospect for the upcoming football season later this year.

Sanders is on a roll after signing the number one prospect last year, Travis Hunter, with a commitment from wide receiver Kevin Coleman, an elite four-star pass catcher. According to The Spun, chose to join “Neon Deion” at Jackson State University. The incoming freshman chose the HBCU over Florida State, Miami, Oregon, and the University of South Carolina over the weekend.

Coleman announced on Saturday that he is “taking his talents” to play with Hunter.

Sanders sent his own message via social media when the announcement was made public.

“All my life what everyone call me is just different,” Coleman expressed to 247Sports Tom Loy. “I had to be different. Travis Hunter is one of my best friends. When he made that move I been wanting to make that move. When he made that move I couldn’t leave him alone. I feel like he the best DB and I’m the best receiver. I want that relationship to stay tight. I want us to grow together. I want us to compete every day against each other.

“Coach Prime I believe in him and trust him. I believe he’s going to get me where I want to go. Also I believe in myself. I feel like you can go anywhere and compete. Feel like one day everybody going to see kids can go anywhere and compete and make it anywhere. I trust that Primetime is going to develop and trust he’s going to put right people in the room to develop me. I just felt I could do it there.”

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