Jackson State Claims Deion Sanders' Personal Items Were 'Misplaced' But Former NFL Player States 'Naw, It Was Stolen'

Deion Sanders Pledges to Help Mississippi Valley State Get New Football Field

Deion Sanders Pledges to Help Mississippi Valley State Get New Football Field

Former NFL great and current Jackson State University football coach Deion Sanders is truly a man of his word. Ever since he agreed to coach at an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), he has been speaking about improving the conditions as well as the perception of the sports programs at these institutions. After visiting an opposing school and not liking the condition of their football field, he has vowed to help get the rivals a new playing ground.

The NFL Hall of Famer took to his Instagram account to discuss the next move he is about to make. As he stated in the post, he is committed to helping ALL HBCUs, not just the one he is employed by. After taking a visit to Mississippi Valley State, whose SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) football program is headed by a Jackson State University alumnus, Vincent Dancy.

After taking a tour with Coach Dancy, the disappointed Sanders has promised to help the school obtain some funding to bring some of the facilities up to date and he is asking people to help him with this mission. Mississippi Valley State is located in Itta Bena, MS on the outskirts of Greenwood, MS.

As he narrates the video he posted, Coach Prime describes some of the surprising conditions of the locker room and the practice football field which was located a mile away from the school’s facilities. When he saw the field, he was shocked.

“I’m like, is the Children of the Corn, or the practice field?” Sanders said. “Hold on, go back to that. You’ve got to be kidding me. Stop, stop, stop the darn tape. You mean to tell me this is the practice field? Alright, we’ve got to do something about that.”

He continues his quest to get HBCUs on the same level field as the prestigious colleges and universities across the country.

I’m fighting for ALL HBCU’s, not just Jackson State. I got real love for Coach Dancy ,his Staff and his athletes so I’m gonna do something about it with your help. I’m gonna get back to u REAL soon as out how we’re gonna help because I want them to have a new game field beautiful and GREEN for their 1st home game. Then we will discuss the practice fields. If you’re with me write I gotcha Covered COACHPRIME! Thank u in advance. @smacentertainment @conschwartz @mississippivalleystate @mississippivalleyathletics


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Deion Sanders Pledges to Help Mississippi Valley State Get New Football Field

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